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US size 4 (32") Circular Knitting Needle

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US size 4 (32") Circular Knitting Needle

9,95 $

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These needles are from ChiaoGoo's most popular product line! RED Lace 32 inches (80 cm) surgical-grade, stainless steel circulars have a smooth, satin-sheen finish and memory-free, multi-strand, steel, nylon-coated, red cable. Lace tips are machine-precisioned. Needle size is laser imprinted on each circular.

They are a great add on for our MISS GRACE Free Form Shawl knitting kit since you will need a long needle for the project. If you do not have such a kind of needle at home but you love the MISS GRACE pick up these needles too!

Measurements: US size 4 (3,5 mm) – 32 inches long (80 cm)
Farbe Nein
Needle Size US (mm) 4 (3.5 mm)
Größe 32 inches (80cm)
Hersteller ChiaoGoo
Skill Level Depends on your pattern
Country of Manufacture China
Keep in mind that the actual colors may differ based upon the color settings of your computer monitor screen. IMPORTANT: Make sure to order enough yarn to complete your project! Vendors do their best to repeat colorways. Your order will ship in approximately 2-3 business days.


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