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  1. Arabella Shawl in Colorway Aqua


    Regular Price: $79.00

    Special Price $69.00

    SKEINO’s baby soft 19.5 micron Extra Fine Merino Line is exclusively spun and superwash treated for easy care and resistance to pilling. The line includes 8 different weights of yarn, from Lace to Super Bulky. SKEINO’s Arabella Shawl uses the Fi...
  2. SKEINO - Caribbean Shawl Colorway Flower Garden


    SKEINO’s new CARIBBEAN SHAWL is knitted from four different yarns. Fine Merino, Silk, Kid Mohair and Nylon fibers creating together an exciting shawl. The sh...
  3. SKEINO - Giselle Shawl Colorway Raspberry Mint Chip


    A new version of the very popular “Miss Grace Shawl” is here! It is called the GISELLE SHAWL and it is knitted in the new “Tapestry Knitting Technique&rdquo...
  4. SKEINO - Favorite Shawl colorway Mountain Spring


    SKEINO's FAVORITE SHAWL  can become your favorite shawl too!  It has a beautiful design and it uses exquisit quality yarns.  Best of all you can wear it on those cold days to keep you warm...
  5. SKEINO - Sparkling Swirl Shawl in colorway Dogwood


    SKEINO’s so very popular Arabella Line has been given another addition with the wonderful Sparkling Swirl Shawl ! Two different yarns of premium quality and super...
  6. SKEINO - Lacy Scarf colorway Jewel Box


    The SKEINO Lacy Scarf is a 2-yarn piece and a dream to knit. Two different yarns are knitted in Garter Stitch with many yarn overs for the lace effect. One of them is a brushed Baby Al...
  7. SKEINO - Hooded Scarf colorway Dahlia


    The design of SKEINO’s HOODED SCARF is a combination of scarf and hood. This fun piece is easy to knit. This luscious yarn is DK wei...
  8. SKEINO - Lengthwise Shawl colorway Foaming Sea


    The SKEINO Lengthwise Shawl is knitted with four different textured yarns in Garter Stitch and Lace Rows. The fiber blend of Fine Merino...
  9. SKEINO - Cozy Cowl colorway Fire


    SKEINO's COZY COWL comes to you at this perfect cold time of the year. The basic yarn is our Shimmer Yarn in combination with three differnt colored smaller skeins spun from Fine Merino with sparkling Lu...
  10. SKEINO - Silk-Alpaca Scarf colorway Peacock


    The SKEINO Silk - Alpaca Scarf is a 2-yarn piece and a dream to knit. Two different yarns are knitted in Garter Stitch, one is Baby Alpaca I-cord yarn and the other one is a Silk - Fin...
  11. SKEINO 7-Yarn Ribbon Scarf colorway Foaming Sea


    SKEINO’s 7-YARN RIBBON SCARF is knitted the long way (lengthwise) in Garter Stitch. This 2 skein knitting kit contains:   - one 12 oz. skein has 6 different textured yarns...
  12. SKEINO Arabella Swirl Shawl in colorway Orfeo Pastel


    SKEINO’s so very popular Arabella Line has been given another addition with the wonderful Arabella Swirl Shawl. Five different skeins of premium quality and super...
  13. SKEINO Caracara Poncho in colorway Parsifal


    SKEINO's CARACARA PONCHO is an easy project using our Shimmer yarn, 60% Fine Merino and 40% Silk. The name is inspired by the Caracara, a rare falcon-like...
  14. SKEINO Sock-Special Yarn Pack


    Regular Price: $59.00

    Special Price $39.00

    This super-saver pack contains 3 different sock yarns and comes with a FREE pattern for each yarn. All yarns in the SKEINO SOCK-SPECIAL YARN PACK are superwash. You save 35% from buying each yarn separately  ...
  15. SKEINO Miss Grace finished piece in Colorway Kathy - Thank you  Sherry Zimmerman

    MISS GRACE Free Form Shawl

    The Miss Grace Knitting Kit from SKEINO uses a wonderful technique called TAPESTRY KNITTING. The kit contains 4 skeins of our SOPHIA yarn from our popular ITALIAN LADIES series. It is a 2-ply Superwash yarn, 100% Extra Fine Merino 19.5 micron In this Kit yo...

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