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From now our weekly video episodes will feature more knitting tutorials supporting the featured kit in the newsletter. That way you can discover our new kits even quicker and you will have direct support using the comments section.

This week Bjorn will start with the wonderful Bauhaus Mitered Shawl:

The design of SKEINO’s MITERED SHAWL was inspired by the German BAUHAUS school of design. Bjorn’s weaving teacher Margarete Reichardt was a former Bauhaus student. She studied under the direction of Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky. In memory of his time working with her in her workshop, he created this shawl.

The easy design is based on three mitered squares which are seamlessly worked in one piece to form the shawl. This luscious yarn is DK weight and the fibers are extra fine merino 19.5 microns. The yarn is treated superwash for an easy care. The Garter Stitch pattern supports the characteristic graphical shape.

The design comes in two different color options:

1. Three skeins in the same color: The first skein will be knitted up in a diamond-shaped square with an increase line in the middle. After finishing this you use half of the stitches for a right and a left second and third square of the same size. These two squares have a decrease line in the center.

2. Three skeins in three different colors: All three colors are being used for the three squares. The pattern provides a chart, which is easy to follow. Otherwise, everything is the same.

Don’t pass up this opportunity to knit this exciting piece for yourself or someone else. This interesting shape is very easy to knit. The handpainted yarn will not pool or zigzag because of the constant increases or decreases. The three color version will create a stunning effect, almost a one of a kind piece.

This is a great beginners piece and you will have fun with it when you see the construction growing.


Please let me know what you think about this new format. Feel free to leave your comments and questions here in the comments sections or directly on Youtube.




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